Inner Monologue, Outer Monologue is a place where I can vocalise some of my observations about the Music Industry, which I have thankfully been a part of for the last 15 years or so. 

In 2002 I started working for an independent record company, which had offices in various European countries. The London based UK arm that I worked for became the lead office, in what was termed as 'New Media' development. Part of my role was to interact with the new digital services that started to appear, and figure out a way of working with them.

If you are curious, the various roles I've held can be found on my LinkedIn page: linkedin.com/in/alexbranson

Whilst this blog is really just a collection of my thoughts and theories about what is happening currently, I hope for some it will be at least interesting, and maybe even useful.

Feel free to drop me a line directly: innermono@gmail.com

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