Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fan Engagement: Q & A With AM & Shawn Lee

Below is a quick update to supplement the original post I made on AM & Shawn Lee’s digital and traditional promotional exploits for ‘Celestial Electric’.

They saw the post, and very kindly agreed to answer a few questions that came up when I was putting it together.

This is what I sent them, the answers are theirs and unedited.

Not forgetting that the music is central to your public messaging, and that you do what you can to meet fans in person, I'd like to ask about all the technology you use to do it 'virtually'.

Q. You use quite a few different web services to connect with your fans. Was it a careful plan, where you knew each service and how they linked together, or did it just grow organically?
A. I think you’re just trying things. Some things end up really working for you and others don’t. Soundcloud for instance is great for me, because it’s ALL about music. I post DJ sets monthly that I do in LA at our Rendezvous night. It’s the one place people can see what I’m listening to and I can see what others are listening to and/or creating.

Q. How much time each week or month do you spend updating your news feed(s)?
A. Not sure really. I try to post something when I feel I have something to post. Sometimes that’s a few times a day. Sometimes it’s every 3 days...just depends. But I don’t have a schedule.

Q. Which platform do you head to first when you want to say something, and is it different if you want to share text, images or video?
A. Twitter or FB...Instagram too. I like working with images so often I’ll hit instagram and feed to Twitter and FB. I hit soundcloud too with DJ mixes and stuff.

Q. How effective, in terms of 'feedback', is the exclusive relationship you have with fans via Pledge Music? i.e. is it worth spending time creating special content/communications for that platform?
A. Absolutely. That is the whole idea. We give the folks that pledge the first look always. They’re putting their faith in us so we really respect that.

Q. When touring, how much do you rely on your record company, booking agent or other professional entity for publicity versus social media messaging.
A. Booking agents are VERY important. I’m grateful to have a good one. I remember when I had to book my own shows and it was no fun. Publicists are helpful too. You need more arms out there spreading the word. Social media is key though. Your fans are coming straight to you for the word.

Q. Did your Publicist or Record company help you with any of your online presence either in terms of financial assistance (website creation, etc) or ongoing maintenance, content creation, etc?
A. Nope.

Q. Do you have any words of wisdom on self-promotion for artists who are just starting out?
A. I wish I did. I always assume I’m doing everything wrong...and I think most of us do. No one REALLY has the answers. I’d say just do your thing and do it regularly...that’s actually not a bad philosophy over all.

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