Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A message from A2IM: ♯FairDigitalDeal4Artists

A message from A2IM:

"A2IM and the entire Worldwide Independent Network ("WIN") community made up of about 25 Independent music label trade organizations from around the world have been focused on music licensing and how some licensing deals are now being constructed so as to include elements such as advances (including advances which may not be fully recoupable), guaranteed payments, "breakage" and equity not related to music usage. While the total amount of compensation received by music labels is not overstated, the new allocation methodology offered by some digital services often has indie labels not receiving all of these forms of compensation from all digital services. A2IM and the worldwide community has been fighting for equity in this area. A recent chronology on various initiatives is here, including the music licensing filing we made with U.S. Copyright Office in May.

The position of the WIN declaration is that the artists on A2IM's member music labels deserve the same equitable treatment as their indie labels. Further, the Declaration takes the position that music label owners need to ensure that artists' share of download and streaming revenues is clearly explained in recording agreements and royalty statements in reasonable summary form. Finally, the Declaration takes the position that music labels need to account to artists a good-faith pro-rata share of any revenues and other compensation from digital services that stem from the monetization of recordings (including unrecouped advances) but are not attributed to specific recordings or performances.

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